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Compassionate, Caring & Knowledgeable

Who We Are

About Ascentions Treatment Center

Ascentions Treatment Center is an executive, drug & alcohol treatment facility that is on a mission to help. Our mission is to truly help our clients successfully recover from substance abuse. After the success of Rise in Malibu, our affiliated program, we saw the need for a full continuum of care alongside the highest standards in treatment. Through innovative, evidence-based treatment methods, we aim to heal the mind, body & spirit from the turmoil of active addiction. 

A Leader in Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment in California

The Standard Treatment Process

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Innovative and Sustainable Treatment Solutions

The Highest Standard in Addiction Treatment, Even at the Outpatient Level

The goal of our treatment program is to teach our clients how to live life without the use of drugs & alcohol. We will assess your mental, physical and spiritual needs and work with you to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your specific goals. Ascentions Treatment Center is your top choice for substance abuse treatment. Our caring, knowledgeable staff is on a mission to help you take back your life.

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We Can Help

From detox to inpatient to outpatient treatment, we will help you find treatment.

Same Staff

Keep your therapist and don't worry about meeting new people with our continuum.

Expertly Trained Staff

With over 30+ years of combined treatment experience, our staff understands your needs.

Meet the team

Meet Our Dedicated Team Members.

From our executive team to our clinical staff and behavioral health techs, the staff at Ascentions Treatment Center has the experience and knowledge to assist you on your path to long-term, sustainable recovery from substance abuse.

Clinical & Executive Staff


Dr. Mark Stahlhuth, Ph.D

Clinical Director

Dr. Damon Raskin, M.D.

Detox Specialist & Internist

Dr. Ashley Benjamin M.D.

Psychiatrist, Addiction Specialist

Patrick Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Parviz Damavandi

Marketing Executive/Founder

Berkeley Davis

Admissions Coordinator

Lori Jasinski

Admissions Coordinator

James McNinch, ACSW

EMDR - Case Manager - 12 Step Counselor

Briana Perlson, ACSW, EMDR

Executive Assistant/Case Management

Kimberly Schliekelman, CATC IV

Executive Assistant/Recovery Counselor

Josh Clark, LVN

Nursing Supervisor

Jeff Alfir

Operations Manager

Emily Broms, RADT-I

Holistic/Yoga Therapist

Cat Macary, RADT-I

Massage Therapist

Angelica Perman, RADT-I

Spiritual Coach

William Schofield, CADC-II

Aftercare Coordinator

John Meeker, CADC IV

Resident Counselor/ Group Facilitator

Spencer Scotti, CATC I

Resident Counselor/ Group Facilitator

Ryan Matthews, RADT-I

Support Staff

Canaan Snook

Personal Trainer

Michael Clark


Ron Finnerman

Owner/ Founder
What’s Ascentions Alumni are Saying

Testimonials & Experiences in Recovery at Ascentions

The team at Ascentions IOP & Rise in Malibu has helped our family in more ways than one. The quality of service and individual attention helped our son find long-term recovery after years of trying.
Jeffery S.
Loved Ones
Ascentions IOP has been an experience in first class care. From my therapists to the comfortable environment I was able to focus on the thing that matters most, my recovery!
Joseph L.
The team at RIM & Ascentions truly goes above and beyond for their clients. My sister struggled for years, and after countless programs she finally is celebrating a year of sobriety thanks to this team!
Scott K.
Loved One
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